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Is Freezer Paper The Same As Parchment Paper

In this time of world where we stand, the safety of everything is important.  Shortage of food is decreasing very rapidly due to the increase in the population of the world. To preserve the food for a long time we have been using different techniques and processes that help them to protect it. 

One is freezer paper and the second is parchment paper that helps to store the food. Both are used for kitchen purposes. Freezer paper sheets have a thin layer of plastic on one side and parchment paper has grease and moisture-resistant paper with no coating. 

At, we tell you that freezer paper is the same as parchment paper. Now after getting expertise in this section we will tell you about the feasibility, uses, and more about these papers. Let’s get started and explore more information. 

Freezer Paper Vs Parchment Paper 

Freezer paper wholesale is specifically designed for cold temperatures and parchment paper is designed for hot temperatures. Parchment paper has no wax coating while the other hand freezer packaging has a thin layer of wax as well as a plastic layer. 

Freezing paper has non-stick silicone paper and parchment paper has a silicon coating which is grease and moisture-resistant and commonly used for baking and cooked items. These papers are not interchangeable, both are used for kitchen purposes. Other than cooking, this paper is used for versatile applications. 

Similarities Between Freezer And Parchment Paper 

The use of both papers in the food industry is common. They have some common similarities between them. Freezer paper for meat is mostly used to wrap the meat and preserve it for a long time. Their coating protects the meat from freezer burn. 

On the other hand, parchment paper is used for kitchen purposes. It is used to wrap food items such as rolls, baked items, or lining cake pans. Their iron coating helps to avoid cross-contamination between fast food items such as grilled burgers, steaks, and chicken. 

Difference Of Coating Of Both Paper 

Only coating creates a difference between the papers. It is just the game of coating to change the nature of these two types of paper. A dense, thicker, purely cellulose, wood pulp paper called parchment paper. An additional layer of coating is added to its stock. This paper serves for baking, cooking, and other purposes and avoids the mess before the micro oven. 

Custom freezer paper has a layer of plastic and wax that is used for many purposes. This paper is used for food purposes and fabric printing. A layer of polythenes on the paper keeps your food frozen for up to 12 months. This paper is not for heat and is not used in an oven. Not only Keep fresh meat, it will also promote sustainability. 

Reasons Why Freezer Paper Is Not Same And Parchment Paper 

By mistake, some properties of both papers differ from each other. That’s why these papers are the same in some conditions. First of all, they have a difference between both coatings. Freezer paper has a plastic coating and parchment paper has a silicon paper. One is used to wrap the meat and the other is used to line the cake pan.

Freezer paper is specifically designed for cold temperatures to protect the meat and keep fresh. Others are used to wrap the food and protect the food from moisture. Custom Parchment paper bears a 450 centigrade temperature and stands out in the heat and we also use this paper in the oven for cooking food. 


At the bottom lines, provides all possible information about the freezer and parchment paper. A range of possibilities are coming while you are using these papers. Start using this paper and change your kitchen game to save and keep fresh food for a long time. We provide all types of wax papers like parchment, butcher paper, greaseproof paper, and more. Start ordering now!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will Meat Stick To Parchment Paper In The Freezer?

Yes, because parchment paper has a non-stick property and it is favorable at very high temperatures. So that’s why it is well-suited paper without fear of any coating or chemical exposure to the food that touches it.

What Is Parchment Paper?

Parchment paper has no wax coating. This paper has a silicon coating which is grease and moisture-resistant and commonly used for baking and cooked items. 

Is It Safe To Bake With Freezer Paper?

No, due to the plastic coating on the freezer paper, we don’t use this for baking purposes. It is designed for cold temperatures, not for heat. It can’t withstand the heat temperature like an oven or microwave. 

What are the best alternatives to parchment paper?

You can use it because parchment paper has a silicon coating. In the placement of parchment, the best alternative for this paper is: 

  • Aluminium foil
  • Greased pan
  • Non-stick sheet pans
  • Cooking spray
  • Silicone baking pad/mat
  • Wax paper

Start using the above papers as an alternative to parchment paper. They are xerox copies of parchment paper wholesale. 

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Can You Use Wax Paper In The Oven?

With a variety of kitchen papers, we often get confused about which paper is safe to use in the oven because some paper sheets often catch fire when placed in the oven. The distinct properties of these papers set them apart. 

If you are afraid or confused about wax paper usage and don’t know what paper you can use in the oven for your cooking and baking purposes then go ahead. We have got you covered and discussed all your concerns and the perfect paper that can give you a memorable baking experience. 

However, the short answer to your question is a big No. Wax sheet paper cannot be used in the oven. The major reason is the coating which is made from soybean-based or paraffin wax. This paper is not heat resistant and can catch fire which causes your oven to get smoky or turn into fumes. Moreover, the taste of your food will also be ruined. 

What is Wax Paper in Actual? 

This is a thin paper sheet that is coated with different waxes to keep the foods secure. The wax used is Paraffin, Soybean, and bees wax which cannot withstand the high temperatures of the oven. However, this is the ideal paper for wrapping foods and prevents moisture from entering the foods. 

Why is Wax Paper not safe to use in the Oven?

This wax sheet roll is not a good choice for oven usage due to its non-heat-resistant properties. At high temperatures, the wax of the paper can melt and end up catching fire which can even put your kitchen on fire. The thought of it even causes fear. So, it is better to not use paper wax sheets in the oven for your safety. Likewise, the deli paper also has similar properties. This paper is also non-heat resistant and is a perfect option for wrapping foods, particularly sandwiches. 

However, if we talk about microwaves then you can use these paper sheets in the microwave for quick heating of your foods at lower temperatures. Because both Reynolds and USDA have approved this paper this paper is microwave-free.  

Uses Except Oven – Other Perks Of Using  Wax Paper To Enhance Your Cooking Experience

Nothing to worry about if you cannot use your custom wax roll in the oven, there are numerous uses for baking paper that make your kitchen life much easier. So, let’s delve into the details of how you can use your custom wax paper sheets

1. To cover the kitchen countertops. 

Wax sheet paper can be used perfectly to cover the kitchen countertops while baking cakes when you are using melted chocolates, or other sprinkle items to decorate your cakes or cookies. This can reduce the mess and keep scattered food crumbs and grains on the paper making it easier to clean the counters after baking. You can also butcher paper to cover your table tops if you are short of paper wax sheets. 

2. Rolling Sticky Dough 

You better understand how frustrating it is when the dough sticks to the counter and it is almost impossible to prepare a perfect dough for baking items. But, this paper is the most convenient option at these times to eliminate all the hassle. You can simply place this paper on your tabletop and enjoy rolling dough without fearing getting it stuck to the counter.

3. Wrapping Foods 

Custom wax paper bag is the perfect choice for wrapping foods. The wax roll paper offers non-sticky and moisture-resistant properties that can keep your foods fresh. The breathable properties of the wax sheet can keep your foods from getting soggy. 

Wax Paper Substitutes for Oven 

So, if the paper wax sheet is not suitable for the oven then nothing to worry about. Because you can always have some of the best alternatives that you can make your baking experiences delightful. The Parchment Paper sheet is safe for the oven.  

What is a Parchment Sheet?

This is a silicone-coated sheet that prevents the food from sticking to the cooking and baking utensils. The sheet is siliconized from both sides and prevents the oils, and sauces from slipping off the paper. 

Parchment paper is similar to greaseproof paper but has slight differences in their properties. Greaseproof paper is not siliconized but also acts as a barrier to prevent the oils from leaking. 

Parchment Paper Roll – A Perfect Choice For Oven 

Parchment sheets are also called baking sheets and are broadly used for cooking and baking in restaurants and bakeries. This sheet is excellent heat resistant and can tolerate temperatures up to 450 degrees without destroying the food taste and texture. Moreover, this paper also has moisture-resistant properties that can prevent the food from becoming swampy. 

You can use these custom printed parchment sheets for steaming, roasting, and wrapping foods.  For food companies or restaurants, the silicon sheets can also be customized with the logo or brand information to stand above the competitors. 

Cost Effective Wax And Parchment Paper Sheets 

For custom silicone paper for restaurants, the manufacturing companies offer affordable prices that can fit your brand budget. The companies also deliver the orders in bulk. Moreover, for wax paper wholesale, you can get a diverse range of customization offers that can blend with your brand requirements at very cost-effective rates.

Wrapping Up!  

So, you must have an idea about wax paper and how it cannot be used in the oven to prevent burning or fire. However, the ideal option is the parchment sheets for your cooking and baking in the Oven. We hope you will never get confused in choosing the right paper for your baking experiences.  Choose the right paper to keep your food safe and tasty. Enjoy the baking experience with your family and friends. Have fun!

What Is kraft paper? A Comprehensive Guide

Kraft word is derived from the German language word “strong”. In the world of packaging, kraft paper plays a crucial role in the industry. It is a leading paper in the packaging material due to its durability and versatility. 

A lot of material types are available in the market. However, kraft materials possess the qualities of being resistant to tearing, long-lasting and having a brown colour. So that’s why, it earns a reputation in the market as a reliable workhorse. 

At, in this blog, we will provide a comprehensive guide and dive deep into the history, production process, properties, and diverse applications of kraft paper that make you a kraft packaging connoisseur by the end.

The Origins of Kraft: From German Strength to Global Recognition

Kraft’s story begins in 1879 with Carl Dahl, a German chemist who developed the kraft process for treating wood pulp. This revolutionary process used a combination of sodium sulphide and white liquor to break down wood chips into strong, long cellulose fibres. 

kraft paper roll is made from wood pulp treated with chemicals to remove lignin. The substance binds wood fibres together. This process leaves behind cellulose, which is the primary component of paper and provides strength and durability. The resulting pulp, unlike mechanical pulping methods, yielded a much stronger and more durable paper.

The Kraft Process: Unpacking the Science Behind Strength

As we know, kraft is the key to processing kraft paper bags uniquely. Now we can discuss the whole process of kraft paper. How to separate it from the wood pulp. Carl F. Dahl of Germany in the 1880s found ground pulp for the first time and treated this cellulose pulp with certain chemicals like sulphide that increase the strength of the paper. Here are some steps on how to prepare the kraft material from cellulose pulp. 

  • Wood Chipping
  • Digestion
  • Washing and Screening
  • Bleaching 
  • Sheeting and Drying

The kraft process, unlike mechanical pulping, preserves the strength of the cellulose fibres. This resulting paper has the properties of superior tear resistance, tensile strength, and overall durability.

Unique Properties Of Kraft Paper Vs Regular Paper

Kraft paper 

Regular paper 

Provide More strength 

weak in strength 

More durable 

Less Durable

Provide Flexible Printing options like Embossing/ Debossing and Foil stamping. 

Poor in Printing 

Provide Biodegarblility  and sustainability 

Provide Biodegarblility  and sustainability 


Type of Kraft paper 

A lot of types are trending in the market. When you are selecting kraft paper sheets the best thing is which type of paper you choose for your packaging. Here we describe some types of this paper:

Sack Kraft Paper

Highly suitable paper for packaging products because it provides strength and durability. It is recommended for heavy-weight items like cement packs, flour, and chemicals. This type of paper is tear-resistant, highly porous and elastic. 

Sack kraft has an average weight of 70-115 grams and is available in bleached white and natural brown kraft paper rolls. Kraft paper is ideal for food wrapping and an easy way to design food paper wrap  for their businesses. We use standard sack paper for our clients because it meets the packing requirements including sugar, flour, and animal feed.

We also use semi-extendable sack paper which is the best solution for high-pressure and speed-filling items. This semi-extendable sack kraft provides flexibility and strength for building materials such as cement, as well as chemicals and minerals.

Coating Unbleached Kraft Paper 

The most renowned paper for packaging is Coated Unbleached Kraft (CUK) paper which is highly durable due to its thicker construction. This type of custom kraft paper is created from unbleached virgin kraft fiber that requires 80% of wood Pulp. 

using the PE resin for the coating to make harm-free packaging for food and also suitable for takeout services. PE resin has greaseproof resistance properties that are highly suitable for printing like embossing and debossing. 

Coated Recycled Board

Recycled paper always provides sustainability to your packaging. We provide biodegradable and recycled kraft material that suits your requirements. CBR provides smoothness and exceptional printing quality. 

Our coated recycled board offers high stiffness and high tear resistance from our higher-quality products. It will provide a smooth surface for printing to create eye-catching designs. The top-most priority of the companies is to provide eco-friendly packaging solutions to our customers. 

Virgin kraft Paper 

This type of black kraft paper is made from strong fibre and provides greater strength that helps the business in a lot of packaging solutions. 5% recycled material is used in virgin paper. 

This type of paper is used in wrapping and book covers, as well as for paint masking, carrier sheets, stationery products, floor protection liners, paper bag making, paper box making, food paper wrap etc.

Why Kraft Paper Material Is Best For Packaging 

Different types of materials are available in the market from rigid to cardboard. But the most preferable packaging material is kraft because they have some unique factors like:

  • Sustainability
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Strength able 
  • Best for printing
  • Pollution free
  • FSC certified

This material leads all over the material and provides full durability and sustainability. This material is approved by FSC and is fully usable all over the world. white kraft paper is a more sustainable choice than many other types of packaging materials.

Incredible Advantages of Using Kraft Paper 

When businesses use kraft packaging, a lot of benefits are coming that promote their brand identity as well as reduce the environmental impact and enhance the customer’s experience. Benefits that offer kraft packaging for your valuable product are given: 

Durability and Sustainability 

Kraft paper is made from strong wood fibre that provides sustainability and strength. This paper comes in a variety of types that have their own properties. Custom printed hot paper is best for food items to keep the food fresh and safe. Using the right kraft material for your material provides full protection for your valuable product. Their hard structure absorbs the shock during handling and shipping. 

Reduce Environmental Impact

Nowadays the days’ population everywhere is increasing day by day. Today businesses use eco-friendly packaging that helps to enhance the customers’ experience creating less impact on the environment. This material is harmless from chemicals and reduces carbon footprint. 

Endless Customization Options 

If you are using kraft material to make their packaging then it will offer a lot of customization options that help to create their packaging more unique and eye-catching. This material is easy to use and favourable for printing. Kraft paper with logo is a great for businesses to promote their brand identity. Finishing ADD-ONS like embossing, debossing, glossy matt and foil stamping are easily usable for this kraft material. 


Kraft material is an affordable packaging solution. It will provide a competitive price in the crowded marketplace.  When businesses purchase a bulk quantity of wax paper wholesale then they will offer discounts to their customers. This will typically help you to save your business costs and increase your sales due to their cost-effective solution. 

Finalize Words!

Kraft paper is a strong, durable, and versatile type of paper that is produced using the kraft process. It is made from renewable resources and can be easily recycled, making it an eco-friendly choice for a wide range of applications. 

Kraft packaging can be customized to suit your specific need and companies like offer a wide range of customization options to help businesses create unique and effective packaging solutions. Wax paper wholesale provides a cost-saving packaging solution for businesses. 

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Design Online Your Custom Wax Paper Without A Hitch

Food wrapping paper is essential for the maintenance of the hygiene and texture of food. Apart from food safety, there is another use of food wraps which is branding. Using custom wax paper you can get a personalized branding tool containing all the essential elements of your brand. 

To facilitate its customs WaxPapers has come up with its online design software that empowers brands to take charge of the final look of their food wrappings. We not only serve our customers by providing them with quality but also give them a smooth experience via our innovative mindset. 

If you need custom wax paper for restaurants with elegant design elements and customized dimensions, then our design online software will lead you through the journey. So let’s dig deeper and learn more about this software’s features and usage. 

What Is Design Online Software For Custom Wax Paper?

As we all know today the need for branding has increased like never before. Brands have to invest in initiatives that can boost their market presence therefore the concept of custom boxes and food wraps is increasing day by day. No one knows the packaging and brand requirements of a company other than the company itself. That is why we at WaxPapers have introduced design online software for custom wax paper for food. 

Using WaxPaper’s software, you can customize your food wraps such as greaseproof paper. Parchment paper, butcher paper, etc. This software liberates the brands from relying on the designers to get their paper decorated. Using this you will be the sole decision maker of the final look of your wrap. 

Features Of Design Online Software

The innovative but easy features of the software make it easy for every brand to determine the dimensions, templates, design, material, and logo placement on custom wax paper sheets. The three of the best features of our online design application are as follows: 

User Friendly 

We have launched this design application just to make the designing process easy and without any kind of intervention for our customers. That is why all the features of this are user-friendly, having marvelous interfaces. You do not have to rely on any design or technical person to use it. 

Even a nontechnical person gives commands to the software to design custom printed wax paper. You just have to give the required information and upload the designs to create a framework for the paper without having any kind of background in graphic design. 

A Myriad Of Customization Options 

Another stupendous feature of the software is that it has a myriad of customization options. Whatever the specifications required for the production of paper, all are mentioned over there.  You can enlarge, shrink, rotate, and preview the final look of paper or custom wax paper bags without a hitch. 


Today the most limited thing in the world is time and to save it every business as well as individual has to make the sensible decision to save time. That is why, for the designing of custom papers, such as butcher paper or deli paper, our software is the best option. 

With just a few clicks you can not only decide on templates but also colors for custom wax paper printing. Our software allows you to design directly from the platform and saves time by preventing the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors. 


How To Use Design Online Software 

As we mentioned earlier the use of our design online software for custom food wraps is user friendly so you do not have to immerse in the technicalities of things. All the commands are present in a chronological manner on the website; you just simply have to follow them to get a flawless and unique wax paper with a logo. 

Upload Your Design

By clicking the “Design Wax Papers” option on the website you will be directed to the software. Here the first thing that you will have to do is to upload your design. You just simply have to upload an image in any format except PDF and GIF with 350 X 250 pixels. 

Select Templates And Upload The Logo

After uploading the design, now you can select templates for custom printed wax paper. We give eight template options that can further be modified with the features at the extreme right of the paper design option including enlarge, shrink, clockwise, anticlockwise, preview, etc. After template selection, customers can upload their brand’s logo by clicking on the “upload logo” option in the section “wax paper editor”. 

Select Color And Dimension 

We have a wide color spectrum for custom food papers, you can select any of the shades by moving the cursor given below the color band. From simple cut sheets to rolls we have all the options, for this click the option “select paper size”. From 4’’ x 4’’ to 20’’ x 13’’, you can select any range of custom wax paper for food. 

Select Quantity And Material Type 

From WaxPaper you can order any number of papers at a time. Our design online software tool allows you to manually fill in the desired quantity. Below this, we have given the options for materials or paper types such as custom butcher paper, hot paper, food basket liners, etc. Select the paper type by keeping in mind your product demand.  

Enter Your Credentials 

At this point, the information related to your product has already been filled out, you can cross-check the information and move to the final step. Now you have to put the credentials or personal information such as name, number, email, etc. So that our team can contact you and start working on your order. 

Sum Up! 

Be the sole decision maker of your custom wax paper design by using WaxPapers design online software. We at give our customers the whole authority to decide the design, dimensions, and all the custom specifications by themself. The software interface is user-friendly and makes it easy for technical as well as non-technical people without any graphic designing background to operate it. So place your order at our company and experience the joy of premium customization.


What Is Butcher Paper? Butcher Paper Vs Parchment Paper

Butcher and parchment papers are used often in our kitchens. But, both of them have different strengths and properties. We will discuss the difference between these two commonly used papers, their types, and how they can be used in households for cooking purposes. 

So, if you are wondering what custom butcher paper is? Then your answer is almost in the question itself. Well, to be precise, Butcher sheets is a type of paper most commonly used by butchers for the wrapping of raw meats, and fish and smokers for smoking meat to keep it tender and juicy. 

Butcher Paper Vs Parchment Paper


Parchment Paper 

Butcher Paper 


Made from cellulose 

Made from wood pulp 


Thin and waterproof 

Thick, breathable & tear-resistant


Non-stick texture 

A bit more sticky than the parchment sheet 

Heat Tolerance 

High heat tolerance 

Low heat tolerance 



A bit expensive 


Easy available everywhere 

At some online or grocery stores.


Best for baking, roasting and steaming 

Wraps raw meats and maintains freshness and texture. 

Types of Butcher Paper Rolls 

Butcher paper roll is widely used for wrapping, protecting meats and other culinary purposes. The most common types of butcher paper include the following. 

Brown Butcher Paper

This is a kraft butcher roll paper and is rustic in colour. It is uncoated and unbleached, offering an effective way to protect and wrap raw meats. Moreover, this paper is also biodegradable and breathable which keeps the meat fresh and prevents any moisture build up. 

Pink Butcher Paper 

Also known as, Peach paper and is excellent for smoking meats. The wood pulp is treated with a pink dye giving it a peachy pink colour. This paper is the best choice for barbecues because it is breathable and keeps the original flavour and texture of the meat without compromising the nutritional values. This custom wax paper for food also gives an appealing look to the meat. So, for wrapping ribs, spork shoulders, or briskets, pink butcher wraps are the first choice for pitmasters.

White Butcher Paper 

A bright colour is given to this paper by treating it chemically and it gives a clean and crisp appearance making it an excellent choice for wrapping sandwiches and meats. Moreover, it also greatly displays the cuts of meat in a professional way in grocery stores or meat shops. You can also check online search engines for ‘butcher paper near me’ to get any type of paper easily.  

Gardenia Butcher Paper 

This paper is particularly designed to protect the meats from outer moisture. Gardenia paper is most commonly used for Fish and poultry meat wrapping from the external humidity. 

Besides these types of butcher wrapping papers, another paper called freezer paper that is also used for wrapping meats. The custom freezer paper for meat is the best wrapping sheet that can be kept at a freezing temperature to prevent any freezer burn and outer moisture. 

Uses of Butcher Sheet Paper 

Butcher wrapping sheets offer various uses. Some of them are discussed below. 

Food Wrapping 

Meats are wrapped and stored on butcher sheets. The breathable nature of the paper helps to maintain the freshness of the meats and prevents any contaminated objects.

Smoking and Barbecue

The paper sheets are also best for smoking meats, especially barbecues at high temperatures without destroying the meat nutrients and allowing the smoky aroma to blend with meat thus providing an enhancing taste.

Table Coverings  

This paper can be used as table coverings at parties, dinners or outdoor events. The custom printed wax paper is also best for customization with different colours and fonts for decoration purposes. 

Protection and Barrier 

Butcher sheet paper can be used on the kitchen counters to avoid any mess and for easy cleaning. Moreover, industries also use this paper on the floor during paintings or renovations which protects them from spills, stains and damage. 

What is a Parchment Paper? 

The parchment paper is that it is made of cellulose and that it is treated with sulfuric acid or zinc chloride to become non-stick. This paper is bleached and coated with silicone. This is a food-grade paper and is commonly used by bakeries, chefs and households. 

Types of Parchment Paper 

  • Bleached Paper –  This paper is processed with chlorine to give it a bright white color. However, this treatment does not cause any harm to the food. 
  • Unbleached Parchment Paper – This is chlorine-free brown and is more expensive than bleached paper.

Uses of Parchment Paper

These siliconized sheets are used broadly in the culinary industry. They can also be used in the given ways. 


Custom Printed Parchment Paper is highly used in baking processes. These sheets prevent the baked foods from sticking to the pans or lids. They can be used for the baking of cookies and pastries.


These parchment sheets can be used as pouches for steaming vegetables, fish and other food items. These parchment pouches trap moisture and make the food tender and juicy without destroying the taste of the food. 

Microwave lining trays

A parchment sheet can be used to cover the trays in the microwave and also placed under the food to avoid any food distributed food leftovers. Moreover, it is also used in candy making for lining trays and molds during the caramelization process.

Dough Rolling  

On the kitchen counters, these paper rolls can be used for rolling dough for cookies or pastries. They prevent the sheets from sticking to the counter and can be transferred easily to the baking tray or pan. 


Butcher paper and Parchment paper both are important in culinary. However, both can be used depending on the food item and desired results. If you are going to bake cookies or pastries then siliconised paper is your best pick and if you are planning to wrap your vegetables and raw meats then go for butcher paper. 


Enhance The Presentation Of Your Food With Food Basket Liners

Food serving plays an essential role in elevating the dining experience of a customer. To enhance the presentation of food, they are served charmingly. By using food basket liners you can conveniently improve the presentation of your food. These liners are designed to fit inside baskets, trays, or containers, providing a clean surface for serving food.

We at WaxPapers provide you with premium quality food liners that will help you elevate your brand. You can customize these liners with your brand logo and designs to create brand recognition. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using custom food basket liners and how to enhance the presentation of your food with these liners.

What Are Food Basket Liners?

Food basket liners are specially designed paper made from food-grade material to fit in the basket, trays, or any containers to serve food. It provides a clean surface and acts as a barrier between the surface and food to protect it from any direct contact and makes an easy cleanup.  It is an ideal choice if you want to be extra cautious about hygiene. 

Purpose Of Basket Liners

Food basket liners are a necessity now. With the growing awareness and to avoid germ spread, people have become very careful regarding their food and they avoid any direct contact with their hands and utensils with their food. Apart from maintaining hygiene, wax paper food basket liners serve several purposes which are discussed below.


Basket liners provide a clean surface and also enhance the presentation of the food. They can be customized by adding custom logos and designs that align with your brand perfectly. 

Ease Of Cleanup

By using custom food paper to line the baskets and trays, you can make the cleanup easier without making too much mess. You can remove these liners from the containers hassle-free and prevent food from sticking to the surface.


Custom basket liners protect the basket from food residue and stains, extending its lifespan and reducing maintenance needs.


You can make your basket liners by customizing them with your brand logos, designs, and themes. This customization will grab the attention of your customers and increase brand awareness among customers which will be beneficial for your business. We also provide distinctive designs for food paper, so you can easily make them align with your brand.


We at make biodegradable and eco-friendly materials, making them a sustainable option for restaurants and food establishments. 

Benefits Of Using Food Basket Liners

Fast food basket liners offer several benefits that can improve the presentation of your food. Here are some of the key advantages discussed below:


Food basket liners are a sustainable option for presenting food as they can be made from biodegradable materials, which reduces waste and provides a clean and sanitary surface for serving food


If you are a business owner, you must know the importance of affordability. That is why, we make basket liners cost-effectively so that it perfectly fits your budget even if you are a start-up and also enhance presentation and branding.

Food Grade

Custom food paper bags are made with food-grade material which ensures that they do not contain any harmful chemicals that could contaminate the food and are safe for human consumption.

Available In Different Shapes And Sizes

Basket liners are customized in various sizes and shapes to fit different types of baskets and trays, making them versatile for use in different settings. You can get them in sheets as well as in roll, customized with your brand logos and themes. 

Brand Promotion

Custom-printed basket liners are designed with logos or branding messages, providing an opportunity to reinforce the restaurant’s brand and its identity and enhance the presentation of your food.


If you want to elevate your food presentation, food basket liners are the best options. These paper liners will maintain the freshness of your fries, sandwiches, burgers, etc so that you can enjoy them without getting soggy or ruined by moisture.

When you wrap your food in paper liners, they provide easy cleanups without making a mess which is convenient if you are running a busy restaurant. People care about hygiene, so it is an excellent way to maintain hygiene. Your consciousness towards hygiene will make a lasting impression on the audience. We at WaxPapers provide high-quality custom food paper with a variety of personalization options. 

By customization papers with your brand logos, designs, and themes you can make a significant change in the presentation of the deliciously cooked food but also market promote your brand without spending too much.

Get Economical And Multifaceted Custom Deli Paper For Restaurants

Deli paper is a tissue paper-like paper that was at first used to wrap food items like sandwiches and burgers but later on, it was also used for many other things as well like painting, stamping, etc. Do you want to promote your brand and gain customer trust by using custom deli paper for restaurants?

We at provide you with premium-quality custom deli paper to wrap your food and present to customers at affordable prices. This way it fulfills your requirement for high-quality food wrapping paper and cost-effectiveness. Read the complete blog to learn more about the importance of deli papers.

Importance Of Marketing in the Food Industry

Promotion and branding are the most essential establishments for a business in the food industry. It is not just about eye-catching designs and logos, it is about representing your brand in a way that does not cost much and does the job as well.

In today’s food industry, competition is fierce and it is becoming really difficult to gain customer’s trust which can make it difficult to make a brand identity and make a difference in the industry. By using custom deli paper for restaurants, you can promote your business effectively and boost sales.

Deli Paper Characteristics

Deli paper is an excellent way to market your brand, but not many people are aware of the characteristics of this paper. They are listed as:

  • Translucent to some extent
  • Thin like tissue paper
  • Does not dissolve in water
  • Available as both waxed and unwaxed
  • Customizable as per branding requirements
  • Smooth and glossy texture
  • Single use paper for food 

Advantages Of Using Deli Paper

There are different uses and benefits of using deli paper. Some of them are mentioned below:

Versatility In Use

Deli paper has versatile uses. It is utilized in many industries for various purposes because of its flexibility. It used a food wrapper for wrapping food and as a food server to present food. Learn more about the uses of deli paper. 

Food Presentation

Using printed deli paper can improve the overall presentation of food. The food demonstrated in vibrant colored paper can make plain food appear delicious. If you want to give your sliced sandwiches a touch of class use custom made deli papers.

Safety And Hygiene

Due to increased pollution in the environment, people have become overly concerned about hygiene and in terms of food, it is necessary to follow all the required protocols. For that reason, custom printed deli paper is utilized to wrap food. It keeps the food fresh and prevents it from getting soggy, this way you can easily maintain the hygiene of your food.

Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Some small businesses are low on budget for promotions. Custom food wrapping paper is the perfect solution for advertising your brand, it not only elevates the way you display food but also acts as a constant reminder for customers every time they come to your restaurant or get a takeaway package.

Sustainable Options

It has become a Market trend to use eco-friendly means in every sector of industry including the food business. Therefore, every supplier is making sure that they are following the trend to meet the customer demand. With you can make 

custom deli paper for restaurants by using eco-friendly material, that will not harm the environment and fit in with the market trend.

How To Design The Right Deli Paper

Deli paper is a versatile material that can be printed on and used in various arts and crafts projects. To design the right deli paper for your food business or restaurant, consider the following:

  • Selection Of Material
  • Design And Printing
  • Coatings And Finishing 

Selection Of Material

Choosing the right material plays an important role in the enhancement of the durability and performance of paper. By selecting premium quality material you can ensure that it aligns perfectly with your brand and serves its purpose. The most common type of material used to make deli paper is custom kraft paper. It is a highly flexible and tear-resistant material. 

Design And Printing

Visually appealing designs and high-tech printing are crucial in the presentation of deli paper.  High-quality printing of logos and designs printed with sharp and bright colors attracts customers and leaves an impact on customers. 

Coatings And Finishing

 Premium quality coatings are added to the surface of the paper to make it suitable to be used in the food industry. It is essential to make the deli paper food grade so that it can efficiently work as a food paper. We at can help you choose the right coating and finishing touches for your papers. Apart from deli paper, if you are looking for wax paper with logo, we can provide you with the desired paper, manufactured according to your requirements.


Deli paper is not just a simple paper, it is an essential food-wrapping item. It is a great marketing tool that will not only protect your food but also make your brand prominent among others and attract customers. Apart from its attractive appearance, custom deli paper for restaurants maintains hygiene and drives sales. Start using custom deli paper today and take your brand to new heights!

Easy Ways to Design Your Custom Food Paper Packaging

We are always attracted to fancy and savoury food items and we often fulfil our food cravings by purchasing something from food stores. Ever thought about how we choose our food from the crowded shelves of the market shops? What factor helps us buy our desired food? Well, the answer is, that attractive and secure food nicely wrapped in a custom food paper always catches our attention. 

Food is our basic necessity and requires extra care and protection during the transit and storage processes. So, food paper is what plays a key role in the safety of the foods. Moreover, besides providing security to the food, the customized paper is also an important element in promoting the brand and creating consistent customers. 

We will discuss different ways to design food paper wrappers, how quality paper can provide enhanced safety, and the trendy customization options that skyrocket sales and brand recognition. 

Distinctive Designs For Food Paper

If you are looking for distinctive design options for your custom food paper, we have got you covered. There is a huge variety of options that can be used for customizing the food papers. The designs, styles, and shapes of the paper depend upon the type of food item. The paper can be used for frozen foods and takeaway foods as well. Given below are the design ideas for perfect food packaging. 

Information Clarity 

The information provided in the food paper must be properly displayed including the ingredients, nutritional values, expiration, and manufacturing dates. Moreover, the allergens can also be mentioned in the paper to help allergic consumers avoid those foods. 

Food Imagery 

Catchy and delicious images of the foods can attract the customer’s attention at first glance. A low-quality image looks unprofessional and blurry when printed. So, clear and high-quality images must be preferred while designing food paper sheets. 

Eco-friendly messages

Eco-friendly messages like biodegradable or recyclable material can be added to the paper to promote your brand preference towards the environment. This will attract environmentally conscious people and make the brand trustworthy. 

Functional Design 

Alongside the visual appearance the functionality of the paper like easy opening and handling, and resealable options must be preferred While designing the printed food paper. The functional features give a comfortable and memorable experience to the consumer. 

Brand Consistency 

The logo, colour palette, and name of the brand must be added to the paper so that the customers can easily identify their desired food item on jam-packed shelves. 

Diverse Variety Of Paper In Food Packaging 

A diverse variety of papers are used in food packaging depending upon the type of food and the properties of the food. Like heat resistance, freezer burn, and paper for wet foods and dry foods packaging. 

Kraft Paper food packaging 

This is the most commonly used paper for food packaging. Custom Kraft Paper is chemically treated with wood pulp to make it sturdy and robust to resist moisture and printing techniques. Due to its eco-friendly nature, this paper is widely used in the food industry for the packaging of various items like dry fruits, cereals, and snacks, and the wrapping of meat, fish, and poultry. 

Paper Bags 

These bags are used for the packaging of expensive things or for gifting something to clients. The food paper bags are lightweight, easy to carry and come with round handles. They can also be customized using the logo, theme colors, and name of the brand for promotion and visibility. They can be used for keeping delicious bakery items or cakes for special events. 

Wrapping Tissue Papers 

This comes in sheets or food paper rolls. Tissue paper is lightweight and available in different colors. The key benefit of Wrapping in tissues is that it increases the shelf life of the food and also prevents the moisture and oxygen from making the food squashy. This can be used in the packaging of various foods including sushi and pastries. 

Greaseproof Paper for food packaging 

Greaseproof paper is coated with a thin layer of wax and oil to prevent it from absorbing grease.  This paper is also widely used in food packaging and plays a key role in maintaining the freshness and texture of the food. The best thing about grease-proof paper is that it prevents the food from sticking to the paper. Grease-resistant paper is greatly used as custom food paper liners for Baked and fried food items.  

Glassproof Paper

This paper is coated with paraffin and is produced from cellulose. Glassproof paper is used for lining, covering, and wrapping a wide variety of food items. The culinary industry is excessively using this paper. Baking trays and pans can be lined with glass-proof paper before placing them in the oven. Furthermore, different foods like bread, cheese, meat, and cakes can be covered in this paper.    

Vegetable Parchment Paper

This is commonly known as baking or parchment paper in the culinary industry.  This paper offers non-stick properties and also helps in keeping the food fresh and crispy. Moreover, printed parchment paper can tolerate high temperatures and can be placed in a microwave and heating oven. This brown food paper can be used for baking, fried items packaging, and also for vegetables and chicken. 

Waxed Paper Food Packaging 

This paper is coated with a very thin layer of wax and is both water and tear-resistant. This paper also prevents the food from sticking to the pans. Custom Wax Paper also maintains the taste and flavor of food for longer times. This wax food paper is also the best choice for greasy and oily foods like sausages or bacon. Additionally, dry fruits, nuts, coolies, and seeds can also be stored in these wax paper containers. 


Custom food paper plays a crucial role in the food packaging industry and is widely used in the wrapping, covering, and lining of various food items. However, the paper depends on the types of the food. From wet foods like sausages, confectionaries, fried items, and baked to dry foods everything can be presented and protected by the food paper.  We hope the above article helped you understand the design and types of paper used in food packaging.

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How Sandwich Paper Can Enhance Your Food Protection

Sandwich is a delicious food item we often prefer in our meal times. But, to keep the sandwiches safe from germs and dust, a quality sandwich paper must be used. The kraft paper directly used for wrapping might cause the food to get dust particles and germs. But, we at Waxpapers coat the paper with paraffin to prevent the food from sticking to the paper, and also the hands do not get greasy. 

This wax-coated paper is also used to wrap many other food items to protect them from getting contaminated. Moreover, you can get sandwich papers for brand promotion and to attract customers. 

We will discuss how printed sandwich paper plays a vital role in keeping the food free from germs and dust particles and how these papers help in branding and bringing loyal customers. 

Different Types Of Wrapping Papers 

A wide variety of wrapping papers are available in the market for different food items. These papers are used differently depending on the type of food. A few of the commonly used sandwich wrapping sheets are discussed below for your convenience. 

Wrapping Paper For Food  

This custom sandwich paper is highly grease-resistant and moisture-resistant. It can be used for wrapping various food items like burgers, sauces, and crunchy foods. Moreover, this paper is uncoated, and the fibers are exposed making the paper breathable and a perfect choice for hot food items. 

Coated Kraft Paper 

This is made up of thick paper coated with a layer of wax or plastic. Coated Kraft paper is also moisture and grease-resistant. This paper is most commonly used for wrapping heavier food items like fried chicken and burgers. 

Butcher Paper

As the name indicates, this paper is used in the butcher’s shop for wrapping meat to absorb blood and liquid. Thus, making it perfect for the packaging of raw meat. Moreover, this paper is a bit different from kraft and is uncoated. Butcher paper is also grease-resistant and is best for businesses that need sturdy paper with an uncoated feature for the absorption of liquids. 

Wax Paper 

This paper is made of a thin paper that is coated with wax. Wax paper is used in the wrapping of delicate food items like doughnuts and ice cream. This is also an excellent paper that can be used for business purposes. As it can greatly resist moisture and grease. But, customized wax paper is not heat resistant, so you must remember that you cannot heat these papers otherwise they might melt or cause any other harm to the food item. 

Role of Sandwich paper in food safety 

Sandwich paper wholesale plays an important role in securing food. Food hygiene maintenance is important for the businesses and the customers as well. These papers are also used to maintain the taste and flavor of the foods. Let’s discuss in detail the importance of wrapping the sandwiches in customized wax paper

Moisture Content 

Sandwich wrapping paper excellently maintains the moisture content of the foods and prevents the food from becoming soggy so that the food remains fresh and tasty. The paper acts as a hindrance for moisture from entering the food. 

Keeps The Food Germ-Free 

This paper protects the food from germs and prevents any foodborne diseases. Many other environmental factors play a key role in contaminating the food. Foods without any wrapping get exposed to dust, air, and variable temperatures. Due to these conditions wrapping paper sheets are important for food. 

Grease resistant  

 Foods without any wrapping can cause the leakage of oils, ketchup, and other saucy items. Thus making the hands greased. However, the sandwich paper roll does not cause any dripping of the oils or any other items. 

Importance of Sandwich paper in Branding 

The brand image and the sales of the product go hand in hand. Likewise, sandwich papers play a crucial role in the success and destruction of a food business. High-quality paper sheets used for wrapping food items can automatically attract the attention of customers. 

For branding, the logo or the colors of the brand can be used on the paper to promote the brand. This way customers will be able to remember the brand name and they can choose sandwich paper rolls next time without any doubt. 

However, low-quality paper can result in the outpouring of food items and oils resulting in greasy hands. Moreover, low-quality paper is also prone to dust particles and other infectious diseases. So, to maintain a brand image and to win the customer’s trust quality of the product can never be compromised. 


Besides keeping our foods safe, sandwich paper also plays a crucial role in increasing the brand value and attracting loyal customers. This paper is not only used for wrapping a sandwich, but it can be widely used for many other food items to keep them safe. Furthermore, these papers are also moisture and grease-resistant. We are Wax Paper provide quality paper with all the grease and moisture-resistant features to enhance your brand value. 

Unique Way To Elevate Your Brand With Custom Hot Paper

In today’s competitive market, it is very important to stand out front in the competition. One way to make a difference is through the use of hot paper.  It is a unique product which serves as a tool and showcases your brand’s creativity. It is a great way to wrap hot or cold food items. Are you looking for good quality hot papers? We at will provide you with premium-quality hot papers. Let us get into the details of hot paper through this blog.

What Are Custom Hot Papers?

Custom printed hot paper is a special type of paper that is made so that you can print your company’s logo, slogan, or any other custom design. This paper is typically used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Receipts
  • Promotional materials
  • Packaging

Benefits Of Using Hot Paper

The hot paper you use is oven and microwave-safe up to 375o degrees. This means you can reheat your food without having to unwrap it, hot paper can be very beneficial for your business. It is available in rolls and sheets you can get whatever you desire. It has plenty of benefits that will help you upgrade your business. This Paper is a versatile type of paper. It belongs to the greaseproof paper family. A few of the benefits of hot papers are discussed below.

  • Versatility
  • Cost-effective marketing
  • Convenience and Practicality
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Food Protection and Presentation
  • Digital Printing Advantages
  • Boosting Sales and Customer Loyalty
  • Environmental Benefits

The above-mentioned benefits of hot paper can be described thoroughly as:


Custom hot paper has versatile properties. It can be used in a variety of places such as restaurants, cafes, stores, etc. It works for businesses of all sizes. These paper sheets are a great way to heat up your food presentation.

Cost-effective marketing

As compared to other marketing sources, Hot Paper is the cost-effective way to promote your brand without spending much on its branding and promotions. 

Convenience and Practicality

When you wrap food in paper it is easy for customers to transport their food or drinks without spills or messes. Also, custom cheese paper creates a barrier that prevents moisture from making the food soggy.

Improved customer experience

These Papers can create a more tailored and memorable experience for customers, making them more likely to remember the business and return in the future by just looking at your logo or designs.

Increased brand recognition

By using custom hot paper in your business you can reinforce your brand and make it more recognizable in the future by showcasing logo, slogan, or design on the surface of the paper.

Food Protection and Presentation

The hot paper makes it easier for you to eat your food, by keeping it together during shipping and making it more visually appealing. It can also protect food from moisture, heat, and light damage, ensuring it stays fresh and delectable for customers.

Digital Printing Advantages

Digital printing on paper offers benefits such as fast turnaround times, and the ability to print directly onto the paper, making it a cost-effective and efficient option for short runs and custom orders.

Boosting Sales and Customer Loyalty

A well-designed printed hot paper will grab the attention of customers leaving a lasting impression on your customers. 

Environmental Benefits

These papers are made up of environmentally friendly material that reduces the impact on the environment maintaining its quality and performance. 

Design Your Hot Paper

In the digital age, when everything is digitalized you can customize your hot paper wholesale very easily without spending too much on it. Custom wax paper is the best way to attract customers and boost sales for your food brand. 

Understand your audience

Understand your audience by doing some research and gaining some insights into your audience. Research the colors and types of designs and logos that are trending in the market. After doing thorough research, you can select whatever logo goes best for your brand and market trends.

Choosing the Right Visual Elements

Visuals are very powerful tools that can enhance the impact of your hot paper. Select from high-quality images, graphics, and illustrations that complement your brand and resonate with your audience. Pay keen attention to color schemes, typography, and layout to create a visually appealing and cohesive design for your hot paper. 


Designing a hot paper requires a strategic approach that combines visually appealing design, and interactive elements to engage your audience effectively. By understanding your audience, defining objectives, crafting compelling content, choosing the right visual elements, creating an engaging layout, implementing interactive features, and promoting your hot paper, you can create the best design for your hot paper wholesale that captivates and resonates with your audience. Remember, a well-designed hot paper not only informs but also inspires and entertains, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.