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    All businesses must ensure their food’s unique presentation. Every business needs different packaging, but food raping is the most common among all foods. We have a secret to get that level of recognition that your brand deserves.

    Custom greaseproof paper is changing the game nowadays. has helped hundreds of food businesses get on the right track with these papers. As packaging experts, we can get this done for you and can also do the entire process according to your desired factors.

    Give a complete look to your food presentation with our professionally printed greaseproof paper. We can beautifully interpret your logo or desired design on these papers to make them useful as the branding tool of your business.

    Perfectly designed greaseproof paper sheets can give a different feel to your customers along with safety from the greasy sauces used in your food.

    Custom GreaseProof Paper: Where Sustainability Meets Style

    Our experts used to be aware of all the marketing trends along with customer demands. All of the customers are looking for something new and different out there so many of the old boring food presentation techniques might not work this time. That’s why you need real packaging experts like to let you get the best possible solution to get relatable to your customers.

    There are different factors that can make all of the manufacturers different from each other, like prices, quality, and customer response. So if you are still confused about choosing us as your manufacturing partner, just relax, and let’s take a quick look at why is trending all over the USA.

    Artistry in Grease Resistance

    There might be different factors involved in making your business better than before. Giving solutions to your business will not make us cool, or anyone else.

    The real talent is to give you the real artistry of personalized greaseproof paper to let your brand shine and exert a different impact on all of your customers. That’s what our experts do to give an artistry touch to ordinary custom printed greaseproof paper.

    How It Magically Resists Grease and Oil

    All of the packaging solutions work on behalf of their quality material. Many of you have already observed how lower-quality materials like tissues can’t resist the impact of grease and oils of food and let your customers get irritated because of that.

    Our good quality custom greaseproof papers will let your customers enjoy your delicious food rather than getting worried about oil splitting over their hands. We aren’t restricted to specific things, doesn’t matter if you are running a restaurant, bakery, food truck, or any other catering business.

    The Palette of Personalization

    Don’t you think it’s interesting that all of you can take control of the entire manufacturing process and get things done according to your own choices?

    Yes, we let all of our customers take control and our team will be there to assist and will let them know what’s perfect according to their business needs. If you visit our site, you might find so many different designs, so you can choose any of them for you or if not interested in any of them.

    No issues at all, our designers will be at your service, just give them any of the ideas you have in mind, if not then our team is capable enough to give you the best designs that you may never see before.

    Showcase the Spectrum of Sizes, Colors, and Designs Available

    Always go out of the box, it doesn’t matter what the rest of the businesses are doing. You always need to think differently if you really want to stand out from your competitors. You can also get greaseproof paper bags to give a different experience to your customers.

    Size, design, and colors, all of these factors will be done differently for all of you. Because all businesses have different backgrounds and products they need separate care about their packaging.

    • Size

    All of the businesses have different business themes and the rest of the factors. We are open to all of them and there is no limit regarding printed greaseproof paper sheets. All the sizes are available along with the rest of the facilities to make them look more attractive.

    • Colors

    People think giving coloring patterns to the packaging is a piece of cake but that’s not the case. As packaging experts, we need to make specific coloring patterns to represent the background of your business. Because your packaging should be relatable to your business themes. Pink butcher paper and many other desired colors according to your desires are one click away from you.

    • Designs

    As we have mentioned above, you can choose any of them from our site or if you need any other new and different design our team is here to serve. All you need to do is ping us and get the best for you.

    Another interesting factor, all of the sample designs in soft and hard form will be done free of cost. Amazing right?

    Limitless Branding and Customization Possibilities

    We never follow the line, that’s what makes us different, and easy to trust our customers. Now many of you will be thinking about how you can use these custom greaseproof packaging as your business branding tool.

    We can simply add your business logo along with a unique design and the rest of the required factors to make them usable as the marketing tool. The best thing about choosing is the endless customization possibilities, so you can have anything that you are looking for.

    Eco-Warrior Sustainability

    Sustainability is directly proportional to the material’s quality. So you can’t even think about getting sustainability in your greaseproof papers without using premium quality material while manufacturing them.

    These grease-preventing papers are the central concern behind the branding of all the takeaway or rest of the businesses where you sell by wrapping. Along with all of the positive factors of your businesses, providing eco-friendly packaging solutions to your customers will make your customers mentally satisfied who are a bit more serious regarding nature’s safety.

    Indestructibility Against Tears and Moisture

    The main concern of wrapping your food, coffee, or the rest of the things in these greaseproof paper sheets is to keep your customers safe from the warm coffee, along with the greasy sauces of the foods.

    All of these papers usually never allow the moisture to cross and rest of the greasy material and give relief and easiness to your customers to enjoy your food or the rest of the products.


    There are so many things where you can make these sheets useful for you to give extra convenience to your customers. We offer to use our top-quality custom greaseproof papers for many purposes. Let’s explore all of them gradually!

    • Role in Restaurant Tales, Bakery Adventures, and Food Trucks

    Wherever you use our papers, there will be an impactful difference than before. All of the restaurants and the rest of the above-mentioned businesses can use customized wrapping papers to give an extra fascinating touch to your products.

    • Transforms a Humble Store Into a Theater of Elegance

    You know what? People are really getting bored with that old and boring way of food presentation because it’s all about showing off how your experience with today’s lunch, dinner, etc.

    And the majority of the customers love to be at an elegant and worth-sharing place with their loved ones. So all you need to do is, get familiar with all of the current market trends which will let you have a product more engaging to your customers. That’s how you can transform your humble and ordinary stores into theaters of elegance.

    • How It Entices Shoppers With Visual Delights

    Have a look at our review section where you can read the reactions of our real-time customers and how our greaseproof papers helped them attract more customers to their products.

    Customers expect more care and comfort from you and that’s what you will provide them according to your ease. To give visual appeal you need to make sure their alluring designs and the rest of your business’s logos and slogans are on it.

    • Events and Memories is offering something unique to your business, now you can customize your greaseproof sheets for different events and let your customers enjoy their memories with your wrapping papers.

    • Bring Life to Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, and Corporate Events

    We can customize them for different purposes. The designs and the slogans along with your business logo will perfectly match your customers or your events.

    But things will be a bit changed when it comes to all of these above-mentioned events. We have to give dark and beautiful colors along with matching slogans to let them fit into the concerned events.

    Now things will be a bit easier for you to understand than before. Still curious to know more about let’s make it more interesting!


    Manufacturing something will not take you to the level of expert manufacturers that you are looking for. The real experts show the art in their work, even at the micro level the finishing will get waoo! Kind of reactions.

    • It Elevates Food Safety to An Art Form

    Safety with art is a perfect combination to give your product an extra positive view to your customers. That’s the secret of every business you need to make the simple things look more attractive with an artistic touch.

    So by using our artistically designed and printed custom greaseproof paper you can give a different aesthetic look to your business along with product presentation.

    How To Buy 

    It’s very simple to buy, all you need to do is get a quote or you can also call or email us. So choose any of them according to your ease. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you and to let you get the best possible custom greaseproof paper.


    4" x 4" 5" x 5" 6" x 5" 6" x 6"
    7" x 5" 7" x 7" 8" x 5" 8" x 6"
    8" x 8" 8.5" x 11" 9" x 5" 9" x 6"
    9" x 9" 10" x 5" 10" x 6" 10" x 8"
    10" x 10" 10.75" x 10" 12" x 6" 12" x 8"
    12" x 9" 12" x 10" 12" x 12" 13" x 6"
    13" x 9" 13" x 10" 13" x 13" 14" x 12"
    15" x 9" 15" x 10.75" 15" x 12" 15" x 13"
    16" x 12" 17" x 11" 18" x 10" 18" x 12"
    18" x 13" 20" x 10" 20" x 12" 20" x 13"
    20" x 15" 20" x 18" 20" x 20" 20" x 25"
    20" x 28"

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can have any of your required sizes because there isn’t any specific size we are stuck with, so you can have any according to your product and business needs.

    Yes, it is safe to use for microwave use. You can have any of your required sizes and the rest of the things accordingly.

    Yes, grease-proof paper is totally fine for freezer use where you can have your meat or any of the other products get frozen without even getting stuck with the surface.

    Yes, we are offering good discounts for bulk orders and that’s how we will let you get the best at a very reasonable rate. So you can manage the rest of it for your business growth.

    You just need to come in contact with our experts. They will let you get all of the aspects of your wax paper customized according to your brands.



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    Designed specifically for restaurants, our printed paper liners brings unparalleled quality and functionality with a touch of personality to your brand. Enjoy our exclusive offer and order your custom wax paper now!

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