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Cheese Paper

Want a quick solution to keep your cheese fresh and creamy then get cheese paper from our company. We assure you that after using this paper you will not only be able to retain the quality of your cheese but also get a promotional tool for your brand. We are manufacturing the paper with breathable material so that the softness and the creamy texture of your cheese remain perfect.

With the customization option of dimensions and color selection, we make sure that our customers get the right designs they are looking for. With the skillful staff and all-round manufacturing facilities, we are making the best custom food wraps in town. 

Our policy of non-compliance over the quality of the paper helps you increase the shelf life of your cheese. As the paper is coated with wax, so no amount of your cheese will get wasted by sticking to the paper. 

Wrap Your Cheese In Our Breathable Cheese Paper

Cheese is one of the most consumed dairy products and is a constant part of many cuisines. The delicious taste and high nutritional content of the cheese make it the favorite of all. Due to its small shelf life, the storage of cheese is a little difficult task, but no longer as we at WaxPapers provide breathable cheese paper, which will keep the quality of your cheese perfect. 

As we know customization is becoming a part and parcel of product packaging which is why it is better to start getting custom wraps to pack your cheese and get the advantage of branding. You can get the best and the most catchy design and premium quality of cheese wrapping paper. 

From us, you can get quality papers and avail wholesale rates, which will help you keep your cheese fresh with minimum investment. 

Keep Your Cheese Fresh

The taste of cheese depends upon its level of freshness. Cheese is a highly nutritious product and can easily get stale. To keep cheese fresh for a long duration wax paper for cheese storage is necessary. Although you can use regular parchment paper to wrap the cheese it will not give a breathable covering to your cheese. 

To wrap your cheese in breathable sheets, nothing but customized cheese paper is an ideal choice. It has a porous surface which will allow enough air and moisture to cross the paper so that the cheese remains fresh and spreadable. 

Why We Are The Best Cheese Paper Manufacturer 

A good cheese paper wrap is the one that can prevent your cheese from getting rancid. The factors that can cause rancidity of cheese are excessive contact with moisture, oxygen, and light. To keep the cheese soft and fresh you have to cover it in a breathable wrap and from us you can get such a paper easily. We are the best when it comes to the manufacturing of custom papers for your cheese because: 

Noncompliance Over Quality 

We do not comply with the quality of your products and use only premium raw materials. If you are running a deli store, a retail market, or a home-based cheese manufacturing facility get our cheese storage paper and confidently and professionally sell your cheese. 

The 1-ply paper is made of an inner layer of parchment paper that is coated with an outer layer of perforated propylene and wax. The inner layer gives strength to the paper and the outer one prevents paper from tearing due to moisture. 

Custom Printing Options 

Get printed cheese paper and start selling your product with the branding elements. You can give us the specifications that you want to be printed on the paper and get a branding tool for your company. Apart from this, the printer paper will allow you to add a touch of uniqueness to your cheese presentation which will certainly be liked by the customers. 

Breathable Coatings 

As a cheese paper wholesale provider, we are giving the best appearance for your creamy cheese. We make sure that the creaminess of your cheese remains intact due to the breathable quality of our paper. Neither does our paper allow crystallization nor does it make the cheese too soft. The access moisture is absorbed by the paper so that the quality of the cheese remains just right. 

Personalized Dimensions 

There is a huge variety of cheese available in the market and every type has its own dimension. That is why we are giving you the option of custom dimensions for custom printed cheese paper so that you can pack the cheese perfectly. The standard sized that we are giving, but limited to. Are as follows: 


  • Our standard width for coated wax paper for cheese is 12 cm, 15 cm, 18 cm, 36 cm, and more
  • In length, we are giving 750 to 1500 inches in one roll

Discover Our Range 

If you want to explore the best and the most potent cheese paper printed with all your brand specifications then we at WaxPapers are here to serve you. With the diverse color options and customized sizes, we are making cheese wrapping easy. 



Custom Butcher Paper

Food services require a bit more effort than the rest of the business. The toughest demand of the food services is to keep the quality of food maintained and when it comes to maintaining the meat quality then nothing can be better than the use of custom butcher paper.

By getting your order from WaxPapers you can ensure that your food remains safe for human consumption and free from any chemical contamination. As our paper is leak proof therefore it makes the delivery of the meat products hassle-free. Besides this, you can use butcher sheets to wrap your barbecue tray and present your product in a good manner.

We have three color options for customized butcher sheets and each paper has its own unique qualities. Besides this, our paper is heat-resistant so safe to use for ovens. You can contact us at the given number to learn more about our product and our services and make an informed decision before selecting the best.

Custom Butcher Paper: Stay Sustainable Without Compromising Quality 

Pack your meat products in personalized butcher paper and deliver them without the hassle of leakage. Our paper is made of 100% sustainable material and is water resistant therefore it is perfect for lining barbecue trays and packaging raw meat.

We at provide the best quality material to pack foods. Our material is FDA-approved and is perfectly safe to use in direct contact with the foods. Besides this it is compostable so leaves little hazardous material to pollute the environment.

With multiple varieties and different colors, butcher paper can keep your meat moist and fresh for a longer period. You can opt for any design on the paper to make it a trademark of your brand. Sustainability is our key policy which is why we use water-based ink in designing the meat wrap.

Qualities Of Our Butcher Paper

Our meat wrapping paper is of the finest quality and gives the perfect solution to pack all the fresh meats. Not only this, our paper can also be used to wrap various other food products to keep them fresh and hygienic. We have a huge customization option so that you can get your desired paper with the best features and quality. Our paper has the following qualities:


If you are looking for the finest quality custom butcher paper wholesale then none except is the best place for you to get that. To manufacture meat wrapping paper we use kraft material that is famous for its durability and its sustainable nature.

Our manufacturing material is well-strength and is fully customizable. We use the kraft paper of 90 pt for meat wrapping and if a thin paper is required then we also have other options starting from 38 pt. Meat products need to be packed in quality material so that their freshness and moisture content remain intact, that is why we only use sturdy kraft material to produce meat wraps.


You can select the paper size as per your convenience and product demand. Whether you need paper of custom size or you want butcher paper roll you can freely contact us to get your desirable product. Different types of custom butcher paper roll is available so you can simply choose accordingly.

Moisture And Heat-Resistant 

To wrap meats, the paper must have some of the qualities such as heat and moisture-resistant nature. From you can get both. Whether you want wax-coated paper or you are looking for a 100 % sustainable option has your back. However, our paper is suitable to be used in an oven; its heat-resistant nature is slightly less than parchment paper.

As our paper is durable it has the capacity to prevent leakage and can sufficiently protect meat from losing its moisture. So if you are looking for butcher paper near me can approach us to get the best.


For printings on custom butcher paper, we offer multiple color options using PMS color mixing techniques. Although has multiple customization options, for artwork on meat wrap, we have limited choices in order to retain the food-garde nature of the paper.

You can give us one to two artworks for printing. We try our best to keep the paper elegant and unique. So if you want a branding tool in the form of paper then give us the lead. You can have any of your desired custom printed butcher paper and can have any of the designs and required information.

Color Availability

White, pink, and brown butcher paper have all the options. You can select the best for your meat products. Each colored paper has its own unique qualities that make it suitable for a particular purpose. Our papers have the following qualities:

  • White Paper: White paper is bleached but it does not contain any harmful elements so it can be used in direct contact with the food. Here the kraft paper is treated with caustic soda and sulfide to make it leak proof.
  • Pink Paper: This paper is breathable and covers the meat products. It is treated with sizing agents and gardenia which protects the meat from outside moisture. This is a perfect solution for chicken and fish meat.
  • Brown Paper: This paper is a little special as it is 100% sustainable. No added camel is included in its processing, and no bleaching agent is used to treat its color.

No matter what paper you select for your meat wrapping, we have all the options FDA-approved so that the food remains free from any chemical contamination.


Sustainability is Our first priority which is why we only use kraft material to manufacture custom butcher paper wholesale. We understand that in the food service, the quality of packaging is linked with the health of the individual therefore we avoid using any material that can potentially cause harm to the consumer. Let’s suppose you are expecting the best quality printed butcher paper but you have to choose the good quality manufacturing material to get your required results.

Our brown kraft material is the perfect solution for a fully eco-friendly nature, however, the rest of the two options are also safe to be used as a food wrapping. We use water-base color to design the meat wrap which is why its sustainability is not affected by printing.

Difference Between Customized Butcher Paper And Parchment Paper 

Sometimes clients confuse butcher paper with parchment paper. In butcher paper, an uncoated kraft sheet is used to pack the meat and meat products. It has different colors and is food-safe.

On the other hand, parchment paper is a wax-coated white paper with a layer of silicone that makes it non-sticky in nature. It is also inert and is FDA-approved to be used as a food wrap.

Why is A Better Option? 

In the market, you can find plenty of options from where you can select your custom butcher paper. However, the thing that distinguishes us from others is that we provide market-competitive rates for all types of papers. You can trust us because:

  • We offer wholesale rates
  • Our paper is resistant to reasonable temperature and moisture level
  • Our services are available 24/7
  • We have an efficient customer care facility
  • Our turnout time is just 6-8 business days
  • We offer free of cost delivery in North America

Custom Deli Paper

Take Your Branding To The Next Level Using Custom Deli Paper

All the restaurants that want to increase their product protection and take branding to the next level must use Our custom deli paper. We are offering these food wraps with customized printing with which fast food presentation and branding can be achieved.

Those restaurants, grocery shops, butchers, and other eateries that are in search of tangible solutions to wrap their products must get customized food wraps. From WaxPapers you can get these wraps at market-competitive prices without any additional charges.

Our personalized deli paper can give you several benefits like brand promotion, customer satisfaction, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Just contact our customer care representative to get detailed information about our services.

Purpose Of Using Custom Deli Paper

Our deli papers are made with high-quality material which can keep the packed food safe. Particularly when it comes to fast food such as burgers and sandwiches, to hold all the contents together, wrappers are required. These wrappers make it easy for the customers to consume your food without spilling on themselves.

When you get deli paper sheets from, you will be able to pack food in your marketing tool. We have multiple customization options with which you can easily make your product different and attractive from the rest of the food sellers.

Features Of Our Deli Paper 

We claim what we can, that is why our company provides the whole details about its product so that customers remain immune to scamming. Our product is better than the rest of the manufacturers because we consider each and every single aspect of the product before producing the final order. deli paper has:

  • Material 

We use Kraft paper to manufacture deli sheets. Kraft material is an ideal choice due to its tear-resistant nature which keeps the packed food secure. This material is strong enough to withstand food moisture. So next time when you will pack your food in these deli sheets you can ensure that the content of your food will not spill on the customers.

  • Printing 

Custom printed deli paper is designed in such a way that it can be used as a branding tool. We use offset printing on the papers which gives high-quality prints along with the fastest turnout. We offer one-sided printings on the papers. You can give us your required artwork, logo, or any other design that you want on your food wraps.

  • Color 

We offer three colors for food wraps. You can get white, brown, and black deli paper from us. Those brands that avoid using food wraps due to the fear of leaching toxicants into the food can confidently pack food in our paper because we use water-based inks to design the warps.

  • Sizes 

As we know the portion of different food varies, even the serving sizes of the same foods vary in different brands. That is why we offer custom sizes of paper. You can get the following dimensions from WaxPapers or if you have any specific demand you can tell us and get the customized sizes:

  • 6 by 6 inches
  • 6 by 8 inches
  • 7 by 8 inches
  • 8 by 8 inches
  • 10 by 10 inches
  • 12 by 12 inches
  • Coatings 

The feature that makes our deli sheets grease-proof is the coatings. Our paper is coated from both sides which makes it perfect for packaging extra cheesy products.

  • Food-Grade 

Whether you choose black, white, or brown deli paper we will offer you a complete food-grade material. We use a kraft paper that is 100 % safe for food items. Our raw material is FDA-approved so you do not need to worry about the food quality. Are you looking for deli paper near me? No worries WaxPapers is here to serve.

How Deli Paper Sheets Can Help Your Product Marketing? 

Set your brand apart by using our logo-printed deli sheets. We print all the given branding elements on paper so that our clients can get an economical branding tool from our company. When you pack your fast food in custom boxes and wrap it in customized deli sheets, you can easily increase the promotion of your company.

With custom deli paper sheets, it has become easy for food manufacturers to secure products and win the competition. Not only fast food restaurants but grocery stores, meat shops, and even vendors can use these logo-printed deli paper wraps and increase their market presence.

Why Is The Best Option For Food Wraps is your perfect packaging partner because we know what makes our customers happy. We provide an all-inclusive service so that customers can get rid of packaging hassle. Custom deli paper bulk orders are totally easy to go for our experts and can be done in the meantime. Our advanced customization facilities allow us to give the clients the exact product that they are looking for. You can get custom deli paper from us for the following reasons:

Grease Proof

Our food wrap is wax-coated on both sides which makes it grease-proof. This feature allows brands to keep the paper clean thus the presentation of their product perfect. This grease proof paper is heat resistant if customers have to reheat the food they can easily do so. All of our deli paper roll are grease-proof and will keep your customer’s hands clean and ultimately exert a positive impact to grab their attention.

Easy To Compost

On a yearly basis tons of food packaging is used causing the accumulation of solid waste into the surroundings. This problem can be prevented by using sustainable packaging practices. Our customized deli paper is compostable and degrades in months when dumped.

Better Customer Impression 

For a better customer experience, the presentation of food is very important. Besides this when the food product is easy to handle, customer satisfaction increases. Get our wholesale deli paper to save your budget and to get a backup for a long time.


Our all services are affordable so you do not have to worry about the cost of your order. Our wholesale rates allow even small businesses to pack products and promote brands without compromising quality. For your business custom deli paper wholesale is a perfect choice which you can have at affordable prices in any of the required variations.

Contact Our Representative 

Want to know more about custom deli paper or services? Fill out the quote or contact the given number on the website to get your required information. Our customer care representatives are available 24/7 so you can contact them at your convenience.

Custom Food Paper

Food presentation is more than just serving you have to be creative in order to attract customers. One of the best ways to draw customers is going with the custom food paper liners. It will evaluate your brand and improve your marketing effort by giving a lasting impression on the customer’s mind. 

We at provide all kinds, sizes, and quantities of food paper without sacrificing stock quality. To ensure customer satisfaction, we closely follow the customer’s instructions, needs, and wants when processing an order. Reach us, book your order, and enjoy the best experience.

What is Custom Food Paper?

Custom food packaging is made of paper and can be tailored to your specific needs by adding your logo, designs, or messages. It comes in various forms made specifically for food. 

Here are some of the varieties of the food paper.

  • Greaseproof paper: As shown from the name this paper is perfect for greasy food like fries or burgers with lots of souces. It is usually available in the form of food paper wrapper covered with a thin layer of wax to make it resistant to moisture. 
  • Wax paper: Wax food paper has a classic look and feel, similar to greaseproof paper, perfect for wrapping sandwiches, baked goods, or lining baskets.
  • Butcher paper: It is a brown food paper used for wrapping cheese, meat, etc offering a natural and rustic look.
  • Deli paper: This paper is sturdier, and thicker as compared to other ones ideal for wrapping sandwiches or lining serving trays.

Why Choose Us?

We are the top choice of most customers just because with the best quality, and customer support we have a lot of custom options that most of the packaging companies do not offer. Let’s discuss what’s so special in our food paper wrap that is distinct from others. 

Funky Logo and Attractive Font Design

Most of the time you do not get a chance to conversate with your customers but don’t worry we will provide you printed food paper with an engaging design and font that will not only fulfill the conversation gap but will also provide an impression that lasts for years. 


Nowadays people are more concerned about the environmental impacts of non-biodegradable material we are comprehensively focusing on providing sustainable packaging to our customers. We use kraft papers for making food paper sheets. In this way, you will not only play your part in making the environment healthy but also use it as a marketing strategy to attract customers who want environmentally friendly products. 


In this world where prices are sky-high one of our main differences from other market players is we offer all of our products at an affordable price while maintaining top-notch quality. You can order from food paper rolls to wrappers all of the products are listed at affordable prices. You may order in bulk to get even more discount. In addition to that, for ultimate customer satisfaction delivery of any quantity (min 100) is free.

Food-graded and grease-proof

Customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of any business. In the food business, it is only achieve by providing packaging that does not affect the food quality and will not easily tear off. This is why we use top-quality food paper sheets that are grease-proof and food-graded projecting a satisfactory image of the brand. 

Availability in Any Size and Shape

We offer custom paper in various sizes that you can use to wrap your food products with ease. Whether you need food paper bags or rolls, we have everything you need. If you are new to the food business and want a quick and efficient solution for wrapping your food items, our custom paper is here to help you. In this way, having a reliable solution in place can assist you in managing your business operations effortlessly and ensuring your customers’ satisfaction.

I hope this article gives you a better understanding of wax paper products and services. If you have any questions or want to place an order, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Custom Freezer Paper

Promote Brand With Poly-Coated Freezer Paper

Every brand wants to get a promotion so that it can reach the maximum number of customers and increase its sales. If you are dealing in frozen or fast food and want to get brand promotion the freezer paper made by WaxPapers is an ideal option for your brand. 

We are among the most renowned custom paper sellers in the USA who are making food wrapping easy and safe. With premium quality material and custom printing, you can not only keep your food safe but also get cost-effective branding for your company. 

With freezer paper sheets, you can retain your food freshness for long. Besides this, we are giving our clients the option of customization along with lower rates so you do not have to break the bank to get our services. 

Features Of Freezer Paper 

Custom papers are becoming popular due to their adaptability and ease of use. A simple parchment sheet can also be used to wrap the foods but now brands want to get custom papers so that they can give identity to their products. Considering this, we at Wax Paper are giving freezer paper roll containing all the branding elements of the client. Our papers have the following features: 

  • Sustainable 
  • Sturdy
  • Moisture resistant 
  • Attractively designed 
  • Contain promotional elements 
  • Available in custom sizes 

How Does Our Paper Withstand Moisture? 

We make sure that the paper that we are manufacturing has high moisture resistance. In addition to the use of quality material, we are using quality coatings that give a barrier to the sheets and make them perfect to use for refrigerating purposes. From wax to butcher freezer paper, all our products are coated with inert and high-quality finishes. 

A special layer of polyethylene is coated on the surface of the paper so that it can withstand the moisture from the freezer and product. This feature of the paper locks the moisture in the food and keeps the texture intact. 

Our Printed Paper And Brand Promotion 

With our custom printed freezer paper, you can get a free-of-cost and economical branding tool. We use the PMS color mixing process to give you printed papers with the artwork and branding elements required by you. The custom designs on the papers allow you to add an innovative look to your product. 

Apart from this, the branding elements on the paper show the customers’ professionalism of your company and help you get a reasonable worth in the market. 

Choose Your Custom Sizes 

We are giving standard sizes of the paper too so that you can get a quick and economical solution to wrap your items. However, if you are looking for customized sizes of printed freezer paper then we are here to serve you. From us you can get printed sheets and rolls both as per your product requirement. 

We Give the Fastest Delivery 

Tired of waiting too long to get your order? Want the quickest solution and fastest delivery of custom freezer paper? If yes then select WaxPapers as your packaging partner and receive your product in just 8 to 10 working days. 

We have an in-house facility to manufacture and print the paper which is why we need a minimum duration to deliver your order to your doorstep. As we are wholesale dealers you can also get economical rates from us. 

Enjoy 24/7 Assistance

We know that the ordering process can be a mental tool for the customers and initially, it takes time to decide the final look of the paper, nonetheless, we make it easy for our customers to decide the design and dimension of freezer paper wholesale with the 24/7 assistance of our team. We remain present for the help of our clients so that they can get the best for themselves. 

Get Our Service

If you want to enjoy our customer-centric services and freezer paper with unique qualities, just ping us and get our services. Our ordering process is easy as we are just a few clicks away. So grab the opportunity now. 


Custom Greaseproof Paper

All businesses must ensure their food’s unique presentation. Every business needs different packaging, but food raping is the most common among all foods. We have a secret to get that level of recognition that your brand deserves.

Custom greaseproof paper is changing the game nowadays. has helped hundreds of food businesses get on the right track with these papers. As packaging experts, we can get this done for you and can also do the entire process according to your desired factors.

Give a complete look to your food presentation with our professionally printed greaseproof paper. We can beautifully interpret your logo or desired design on these papers to make them useful as the branding tool of your business.

Perfectly designed greaseproof paper sheets can give a different feel to your customers along with safety from the greasy sauces used in your food.

Custom GreaseProof Paper: Where Sustainability Meets Style

Our experts used to be aware of all the marketing trends along with customer demands. All of the customers are looking for something new and different out there so many of the old boring food presentation techniques might not work this time. That’s why you need real packaging experts like to let you get the best possible solution to get relatable to your customers.

There are different factors that can make all of the manufacturers different from each other, like prices, quality, and customer response. So if you are still confused about choosing us as your manufacturing partner, just relax, and let’s take a quick look at why is trending all over the USA.

Artistry in Grease Resistance

There might be different factors involved in making your business better than before. Giving solutions to your business will not make us cool, or anyone else.

The real talent is to give you the real artistry of personalized greaseproof paper to let your brand shine and exert a different impact on all of your customers. That’s what our experts do to give an artistry touch to ordinary custom printed greaseproof paper.

How It Magically Resists Grease and Oil

All of the packaging solutions work on behalf of their quality material. Many of you have already observed how lower-quality materials like tissues can’t resist the impact of grease and oils of food and let your customers get irritated because of that.

Our good quality custom greaseproof papers will let your customers enjoy your delicious food rather than getting worried about oil splitting over their hands. We aren’t restricted to specific things, doesn’t matter if you are running a restaurant, bakery, food truck, or any other catering business.

The Palette of Personalization

Don’t you think it’s interesting that all of you can take control of the entire manufacturing process and get things done according to your own choices?

Yes, we let all of our customers take control and our team will be there to assist and will let them know what’s perfect according to their business needs. If you visit our site, you might find so many different designs, so you can choose any of them for you or if not interested in any of them.

No issues at all, our designers will be at your service, just give them any of the ideas you have in mind, if not then our team is capable enough to give you the best designs that you may never see before.

Showcase the Spectrum of Sizes, Colors, and Designs Available

Always go out of the box, it doesn’t matter what the rest of the businesses are doing. You always need to think differently if you really want to stand out from your competitors. You can also get greaseproof paper bags to give a different experience to your customers.

Size, design, and colors, all of these factors will be done differently for all of you. Because all businesses have different backgrounds and products they need separate care about their packaging.

  • Size

All of the businesses have different business themes and the rest of the factors. We are open to all of them and there is no limit regarding printed greaseproof paper sheets. All the sizes are available along with the rest of the facilities to make them look more attractive.

  • Colors

People think giving coloring patterns to the packaging is a piece of cake but that’s not the case. As packaging experts, we need to make specific coloring patterns to represent the background of your business. Because your packaging should be relatable to your business themes. Pink butcher paper and many other desired colors according to your desires are one click away from you.

  • Designs

As we have mentioned above, you can choose any of them from our site or if you need any other new and different design our team is here to serve. All you need to do is ping us and get the best for you.

Another interesting factor, all of the sample designs in soft and hard form will be done free of cost. Amazing right?

Limitless Branding and Customization Possibilities

We never follow the line, that’s what makes us different, and easy to trust our customers. Now many of you will be thinking about how you can use these custom greaseproof packaging as your business branding tool.

We can simply add your business logo along with a unique design and the rest of the required factors to make them usable as the marketing tool. The best thing about choosing is the endless customization possibilities, so you can have anything that you are looking for.

Eco-Warrior Sustainability

Sustainability is directly proportional to the material’s quality. So you can’t even think about getting sustainability in your greaseproof papers without using premium quality material while manufacturing them.

These grease-preventing papers are the central concern behind the branding of all the takeaway or rest of the businesses where you sell by wrapping. Along with all of the positive factors of your businesses, providing eco-friendly packaging solutions to your customers will make your customers mentally satisfied who are a bit more serious regarding nature’s safety.

Indestructibility Against Tears and Moisture

The main concern of wrapping your food, coffee, or the rest of the things in these greaseproof paper sheets is to keep your customers safe from the warm coffee, along with the greasy sauces of the foods.

All of these papers usually never allow the moisture to cross and rest of the greasy material and give relief and easiness to your customers to enjoy your food or the rest of the products.


There are so many things where you can make these sheets useful for you to give extra convenience to your customers. We offer to use our top-quality custom greaseproof papers for many purposes. Let’s explore all of them gradually!

  • Role in Restaurant Tales, Bakery Adventures, and Food Trucks

Wherever you use our papers, there will be an impactful difference than before. All of the restaurants and the rest of the above-mentioned businesses can use customized wrapping papers to give an extra fascinating touch to your products.

  • Transforms a Humble Store Into a Theater of Elegance

You know what? People are really getting bored with that old and boring way of food presentation because it’s all about showing off how your experience with today’s lunch, dinner, etc.

And the majority of the customers love to be at an elegant and worth-sharing place with their loved ones. So all you need to do is, get familiar with all of the current market trends which will let you have a product more engaging to your customers. That’s how you can transform your humble and ordinary stores into theaters of elegance.

  • How It Entices Shoppers With Visual Delights

Have a look at our review section where you can read the reactions of our real-time customers and how our greaseproof papers helped them attract more customers to their products.

Customers expect more care and comfort from you and that’s what you will provide them according to your ease. To give visual appeal you need to make sure their alluring designs and the rest of your business’s logos and slogans are on it.

  • Events and Memories is offering something unique to your business, now you can customize your greaseproof sheets for different events and let your customers enjoy their memories with your wrapping papers.

  • Bring Life to Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, and Corporate Events

We can customize them for different purposes. The designs and the slogans along with your business logo will perfectly match your customers or your events.

But things will be a bit changed when it comes to all of these above-mentioned events. We have to give dark and beautiful colors along with matching slogans to let them fit into the concerned events.

Now things will be a bit easier for you to understand than before. Still curious to know more about let’s make it more interesting!


Manufacturing something will not take you to the level of expert manufacturers that you are looking for. The real experts show the art in their work, even at the micro level the finishing will get waoo! Kind of reactions.

  • It Elevates Food Safety to An Art Form

Safety with art is a perfect combination to give your product an extra positive view to your customers. That’s the secret of every business you need to make the simple things look more attractive with an artistic touch.

So by using our artistically designed and printed custom greaseproof paper you can give a different aesthetic look to your business along with product presentation.

How To Buy 

It’s very simple to buy, all you need to do is get a quote or you can also call or email us. So choose any of them according to your ease. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you and to let you get the best possible custom greaseproof paper.

Custom Hot Paper

Make your product packaging easy with our hot paper and artistically serve your food. We at WaxPaper are giving the option of custom printing so that you can get an easy solution for the promotion of your eatery, as our paper is resistant to the temperature of 375 degrees Celsius so you and your customers can reheat the food and enjoy the best taste.

We at WaxPapers have end-to-end services so that you can get your order without any hassle Quality, design. Sizes, and styles, we have all the best features in our products. You can pack your sandwiches, meat, cheese, and burgers without the fear of losing the taste and the texture of food.

Get free of cost assistance from our designers and decorate your custom paper according to your favorite designs. Our customer care representatives are available 24/7 for your assistance so contact them and learn more about our excellent services.  

Wrap Your Food In Microwavable Hot Paper

Custom wax papers are an inevitable part of the food-related business as the safety and presentation of food hugely depend upon the paper. Due to the coatings on the surface of the papers, they do not remain microwaveable, nonetheless, we at WaxPapers are giving hot paper that can withstand temperatures of up to 375 degrees Celsius.

Subways, restaurants, and bakeries all can enjoy the advantages of using our custom papers that make the food wrapping easy like never before. With the premium and fast manufacturing facilities, you can get the order with your desired requirements, high in quality, and in minimum duration.

Aside from this, with the custom printed hot paper you can get a free-of-cost promotion on your eatery. We are determined to serve the best to our customers which is why we have an extensive customization facility at your disposal that makes your experience worthy with us.

Multifaceted Hot Paper 

We deal with all types of custom food wraps from butcher paper to parchment paper, we have all the thing available for you. Whether you need paper to wrap raw meat or you want to refrigerate your food for a long duration, with the all-around services of our company you can get what you desire.

Like all the custom papers, our custom hot paper is also one of the most effective things that you can use to wrap the foods to retain aroma and taste. Whether you are running a deli store or you have a subway where you have to sell sizzling hot foods, our paper is the best option for you.

Heat Your Meal Easily 

Fast foods are the easiest solution to kill hunger but their taste largely depends on their temperature. If you are selling ready-to-eat meals and want to make the food preparation fast then get our printed hot paper and make your foodwrapping easy.

As the paper has a high resistance to temperature you can wrap the food and microwave it without the fear of burning. We manufacture the paper with inert substances so you do not have to worry about the leaching of noxious substances into your food.

Maintain Your Food Quality 

We use high-quality kraft to manufacture hot paper wholesale so that you do not have to face any sogginess or staleness of your food. Eateries can conveniently pack their foods in our custom wraps and get elegant food presentations.

Show Your Professionalism To The Customers 

With the high quality and custom printed paper, you can show the customer professionalism of your brand. You can give us the artwork that you want to get printed on paper and if you are confused about the design then contact our team to get free of cost assistance from our designers.

Remain In Your Budget 

Remain in your budget with the wholesale services of our company. We are giving market competitive rates to the customer for custom printed hot paper so that they can get the benefit of our services without worrying about the cost.

Choose Our Best Services 

From the placement of the order to the delivery at your door, we make your whole journey with our company smooth and beneficial. With a tailored approach and a diligent team, we make the best quality custom papers like cheese paper, kraft, paper, etc. We make sure that all our products are impeccable due to which we give:

  • Unlimited Customization:

    We have unlimited customization facilities so that you can design the paper in any color, with any design, and get it in any shape

  • 24/7 Customer Care:

    With the 24.7 customer care services, you can remain updated about your order status

  • End-To-End Services:

    We have an in-house manufacturing facility so you can kick-start your journey with us

Book Your Order Now! 

Hot paper is the easiest solution to wrap the food and keep it in perfect condition. The multifaceted nature of our paper can be enjoyed with the minimum spending of your brand. So book your order now and start leading the market.





Custom Parchment Paper

Many of you will be looking for more advanced and interesting things to make your work more easy and interesting. Customers always want ease and something that can keep them safe from the source stains and the rest of the sticky oils etc. Custom parchment paper is getting wild in food businesses and has changed the way of cooking and food presentation.

Business development is directly proportional to the acceptance of all the new innovations. If you are on the same track to know the secret, congrats! You are in the right place. is one of the top custom printed parchment paper suppliers all over the USA. Still thinking? Let’s have a detailed view of our parchment paper for your better understanding.

Embrace Your Art of Work With Our Custom Parchment Paper

Welcome to your one-stop destination amongst all of the rest of the parchment paper providers for the finest quality customized parchment paper. There will always be something different in all of the manufacturers according to their expertise. Because all of them have different experts and their way of work could vary.

Our parchment paper is not just paper; it’s a canvas for your creativity, which you can do as best as you need. All of the things in the manufacturing process will be in your control so you can decide things accordingly.

Yes, we always prefer our client’s opinions on how they want to get the work done and the rest of their parameters. That’s our way to keep our clients aware of everything and will get satisfactory products at the end. You can have our custom parchment paper wholesale, in bulk to get a pack solution for your standard product presentation.

How We Get Perfection For You? 

Being a top manufacturer among hundreds of competitors really takes a lot because of the tough competition outside the market these days. You need to have that level of perfection in your skills which should convince the buyers easily. is making things very simple for all of you to have a look at our work along with the customer’s 4.5 plus rating. That’s how we have built a strong image in the market. Let’s explain all of those factors that let us have a different vibe!

The Elegance of Customization

At, we believe that your work, which could be any bakery or writing, deserves a touch of personalization. There are so many other factors that you can customise for making them more relatable and worth buying for you.

Our custom parchment paper allows you to choose from a variety of textures, colors, and sizes, according to the given criteria of your products. With, your words will be as distinctive as you are because we know very well about the customer’s demands and existing market trends.

If we talk about the size and printing, all of you have different criteria and business themes. The simplest way to get this done perfectly is to contact our team, have a detailed discussion and elaborate on all of the perspectives you need. Because there is nothing that we can’t create in parchment paper wholesale. But you really need to come up with genuine ideas and deep research which is important to get better results.

Crafted for Perfection

Our parchment paper is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality according to your business demands. All of the businesses have different working scenarios and standards because it takes a lot to stand apart from the rest of the competitors.

Let’s suppose you want to have custom parchment paper for your bakery to cover up your products. Now what you need to do is, if you already have any of the plans regarding this you can come up to us and share with our experts.

If you want to do it by yourself, it will be a bit tough for you to get this done but still let’s make it simple for you. As experts, we will always suggest you go for a deep analysis of the current market. You need to know what your competitors are doing along with the rest of the people. Only then you can come up with a new solution and that’s the way golden stuff comes from.

A Palette of Possibilities

As we have mentioned before, our experts have years of practical experience and we are capable enough to manufacture all types of parchment papers which you need. parchment paper comes in a spectrum of hues, allowing you to choose the perfect backdrop for your words. You can have all types of brand logos and slogans on them to use as a powerful marketing tool.

Many businesses use them for marking their customized designs and many of the artists use them for having sketches and paintings on them to showcase their pieces of work to the audience.

Whether you prefer the classic warmth of antique beige or the contemporary cool of slate grey, we have the shade that speaks to your soul and we promise you that we will never let you down ever. The moment when you hit us, you should take a chill pill because is a place that you have never visited before.

How will you feel when all of your requirements are done on the same platform? It will be amazing, right? The same is the joyful experience you will have while manufacturing your printed parchment paper for food. Let’s tell you the best places to use parchment papers!

  • Bakeries:

    It’s very interesting and exciting to get the sweets and the rest of the foods packaged in a very delicate and worth having. So all of the bakery businesses should take it as a tip in a serious way to see a massive positive impact on their businesses. It’s obvious that using good quality printed parchment paper for baking will surely lift your business standards up.

  • Restaurants:

    All of those restaurants that want to get their dream sales to achieve their goals along with the hunger of getting rich and successful can use these custom parchment papers. You can use them in your restaurants to make your food well-presented for the customers. So they would love to have your services and spend more time over there.

  • Small Businesses:

    All of the small businesses can make their designs to present in any of the seminars or in any of the rest of the events in front of the audience. That’s how you can better portray your imagination in front of the concerned people. At parchment paper rolls for all types of businesses are available within an affordable budget.

Timeless Charm

Parchment paper is a symbol of timeless elegance and sophistication. If you are an artist then it might be a bit easier for all of you to get what we are talking about. It’s no less than experiencing heaven’s joy for an artist to have a good quality paper to perfectly interpret his thought-provoking ideas into reality on these papers.

When you write on our parchment paper roll, you’re not just creating words; you’re crafting a piece of art on them. Your letters, notes, and invitations will exude an air of nostalgia and sophistication that leaves a lasting impression.

Apart from this as we have mentioned before you can use them in many other businesses to get the best possible outcomes for you. Let’s design them in a beautiful way to give a pleasant experience to all of your customers and as business experts all of you will be familiar with providing more conveniences to your customers.

The Promise

When you choose you choose excellence. Our commitment to quality ensures that each sheet of personalized parchment paper meets your expectations and standards because we know how hard it is to maintain values and standards for our customers. Parchment paper roll bulk is totally acceptable and delivered within the required time.

We’re not just selling parchment paper; we’re selling a promise of elevating all kinds of businesses or the rest of the places where you want to use our royal class papers. All of the things will be done with your demands, and all of the ease will be provided on the same platform. Our experts are capable enough to let you give large parchment paper rolls or any of your preferred sizes, all in all, is the full package for you to have all of your required aspects in manufacturing.

Order Now

Just ping us our experts are available to guide you and to let you get the best. Order custom parchment paper now and give meaning to your thoughts. You can get in touch with us through mail, or chat, or you can directly call us. Our team is 24/7 available to serve you and guide you. You can have bulk parchment paper roll within a couple of days at your doorstep without any service charges.

If you have any confusion and need any free consultation or guidance to get the best possible packaging solution for your products according to all of your business factors.

Custom Sandwich Paper

Custom sandwich paper is a one-stop and holistic solution for the wrapping of ready-to-eat sandwiches. The paper is made from durable kraft that presents the direct contact of dirt and debris with your food. We coat the paper with a thin layer of paraffin so that your food does not stick to the paper preventing customers’ hands from getting greasy.

Aside from this, with the custom-printed design and your branding elements on the paper, you can get an economical device to promote your eatery. With the high quality and ready-to-use paper you can easily sell your food.

We at WaxPaper manufacture various types of custom-printed papers that have the ability to promote your brand. Apart from this, our paper helps you get the attention of the customers due to the appealing designs. Our highly trained team of designers is available for your assistance 24/7 so you can easily upgrade your packaging game.

Upgrade Your Food Presentation With Sandwich Paper

Want to get rid of the same and conventional styles of wrapping the food? Bored of using plain sheets to pack your sandwiches? If yes then get our sandwich paper printed with the best colors and aesthetic designs so that you can upgrade the presentation of your food items.

We at WaxPaper deal in the manufacturing of custom wax papers that are manufactured and designed according to the specific demands of our customers. No matter in what size and in which design you want to get your paper, just contact us to enjoy the best experience.

Custom sandwich wrap paper is coated with a thin layer of paraffin which prevents the sticking of the sauces and the food on the surface. From us, you can get immaculate services and products that will entirely change the game of your brand.

Purpose Of Sandwich Paper 

The retention of food hygiene is a matter of big concern for food businesses and buyers and the most effective way to maintain food hygiene is the use of custom sandwich paper. The factors that make the paper purpose are as follows:

  • Sustainable
  • Sturdy
  • Cost-effective
  • Catchy
  • Moisture and tear-resistant

How Our Paper Is The Best Option 

When customers have multiple options for one thing they get confused while making a decision. We at WaxPapers remain available to the customers so that they can get your queries answered. We believe in the delivery of quality services, that is why we use the best available raw material to manufacture your custom printed sandwich paper. Our paper has the following qualities:

Premium Quality Kraft 

Our paper is highly durable and does not tear easily. We coat the paper with wax so that no amount of food or oil makes the paper greasy. Our paper is made with high-quality kraft which is an ideal option for wrapping food products as it does not contain any harmful elements.

Custom Color Options 

We are giving the option of custom colors so that you can use the thematic color of your brand and design the boxes accordingly. We use a PMS color mixing procedure so you can get any kind of design and colors from us. Our highly skilled designers will make your sandwich paper sheets with all your favorite colors and designs.

Easy To Use 

Custom papers are avail in different sizes so that you can wrap your sandwiches without much effort. From cut paper sheets to rolls we have everything available. If you are running a subway or deli store and want the quickest solution to wrap your food, get a custom paper and run a smooth business.


Our sandwich paper roll is made from sustainable materials that do not pollute the environment. If a brand wants to reduce its carbon footprints then kraft paper for sandwiches is an ideal option. Aside from the protection of the environment, the paper will keep your food fresh and free from contamination.

Who Can Use Custom Sandwich Paper?

In food-related businesses, the use of custom packaging and food wraps is extremely important. Using sandwich paper wholesale helps the food seller present food elegantly while keeping it fresh and hygienic. Our custom food wrapping papers can be used by the following sectors:

  • Butcher shops as an alternative to butcher paper
  • Deli store
  • Restaurants
  • Bakers
  • Florists

Why Do Customers Trust Us? 

Wax Papers is one the most popular custom paper manufacturing company in the USA. Our services and products both are top-notch in quality allowing you to give a professional presentation to the food without compromising quality. We are the trusted partners of business due to:

  • 24/7 customer care services
  • Fastest delivery
  • Premium quality
  • Free of-cost consultation

Call Us Now! 

Wrap your food in our sandwich paper and make your brand a professional food seller in the United States. We at WaxPapers deal with high-quality paper that keeps the food in the best possible condition. Fill in a quote to get a free consultation or call us now to place your order.


Food Basket Liners

One of the best ways to present your burger, sandwich, or any food item is by packing it into the food basket liners. It is also known as wax paper which offers both practical benefits as well as aesthetic flair. It can be easily folded and shaped into any form making it ideal for food packaging and lining serving baskets.

Moreover, it will soak all the moisture without affecting the food taste providing the utmost customer satisfaction. Even with the help of custom designs and lively and bold prints, you can convert your simple food serving to a canvas.

Waxpaper is a fully dedicated platform providing top-notch quality products to its customers. We are bound to sustainable packaging along with the surety of affordability. We are a team of highly experienced professionals devoted to providing 24/7 assistance to our customers.”Need any assistance? We’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we’re always available and happy to assist you in any way we can.”

Food Basket Liners: Experience the Ultimate Solution for Stylish and Convenient Food Packaging. 

Food basket liners are the most easiest and economical way to market your product and attract customers. With its bold and clear printing, it has the ability to make a lasting impression on the customer’s mind.

Most importantly, you will get all the attributes of the other varieties of paper in this single liner including, poly coated, grease-resistant, waxed, and greaseproof stock.

At Waxpaper, we offer non-toxic basket liners designed for both cold and hot food items. They are totally secure for oven and freezer use along with high wet strength. Lastly, we don’t compromise on the quality so you can trust and make your brand more lively and engaging.

Fresh and safe food = Satisfied Customers

We use food-graded paper that does not have any bad impact on the food. In this way, our custom tray liners ensure no toxicants to the food along with the surety of maintaining the food quality and taste even when stored for hours.

Heat or Freeze your Meal

One of the main reasons for the adoption and popularity of custom basket liners is their resistance to high and freezing temperatures. Due to the superior quality of this paper, it can be used for both ready-to-heat and frozen food items.


Although this stock has a lot of properties and is in high demand the good thing is it doesn’t come with a high price tag even small businesses can easily afford it and use it to make an impact and for competitive advantage. Consequently, it is a good choice for fast food basket liners since it is reasonably priced and doesn’t tear off easily, thus keeping food and sauces from spilling out. Additionally, you may order in bulk to get an exclusive discount.

Flexibility and size

With this stock’s remarkable flexibility, you can get it in any shape and size you need. Don’t let limited options hold you back – choose this stock for the ultimate customization experience. For instance from wax paper food basket liners to wrappers, customers can easily find the product in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet their needs and preferences.


For a healthy and pollution-free environment, the usage of sustainable products is the only option we have to rescue the environment from pollutants. You can also play your part in keeping the environment healthy by using our basket liners that will not only support the green environment but also attract environmentalists.

Competitive Advantage

One of the easiest and fastest-growing tricks in any business is taking the edge of competitive advantage. For that purpose, you have to closely study your competitors and try to find out where they are lacking. After finding the right thing you have to take advantage. For instance, if your competitors are not using wax paper food basket liners for their oily and greasy food items then you can go with it as it is greaseproof providing excellent customer satisfaction and increasing the probability of repeated customers.

Custom Printing 

Take your sales to the next level with branded food basket liners. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to promote your product and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Get your liners now and start making your brand stand out. You can provide your requirements and we will assist you in finding the best suitable design and print option for your food brand. This will add a unique touch to your product that helps create a lasting impression.

Reach Us!

Our dedicated customer service team is 24/7 available for your assistance. You can contact us by reaching out to our email or live chat support. Our team will attempt to provide the best of their services.


Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is one of the brilliant factors that can make your food presentation special and sustainable. Apart from this, if you serving as a florist and want to wrap your flowers in a catchy way then get WaxPaper custom wraps and showcase the creativity of your brand. Our paper is special because: 

  • It is sustainable 
  • Durable 
  • Custom printed
  • Available in customized dimensions 

We have a dedicated team that manufactures your order with one of the finest quality materials so that your product looks perfect. Apart from this, we are giving the option of food-safe printing so that you do not compromise on the hygiene and quality of your food. 

With the 24/7 availability of our customer care department, we make sure that you receive an impeccable order from our company and show a high standard of your brand to the customers. So book your order now and select your custom kraft papers from us.

Replace Unsustainable Packaging Practices With Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is the basic requirement of all restaurants, florists, and deli stores. This paper is one of the most potent solutions to replace unsustainable packaging practices. We at WaxPapers manufacture custom papers with all your perfects so that you can get rid of wrapping your foods in unsustainable and toxic wraps. 

With our adherence to quality and uniqueness, we make sure that kraft wrapping paper made by us gives diverse benefits to our clients. From giving you custom dimensions to giving you custom designs, we are the one-stop solution for all brands. 

Apart from this, you can get the option of custom printing from us and get the designs as per the requirements of your products. We make sure that you get a fool-proof experience by seelcting our services. 

Why To Use Custom Kraft Paper?

As we all know today it is becoming a mandatory practice to get products that are not contributing to pollution. Considering this, we at WaxPapers have come up with the most sustainable option in the form of kraft paper roll for your products so that you can keep the quality and the hygiene of your food or products intact without contributing to pollution. 

From the selection of base material to the design of the paper we use all the sustainable options. So if you are worried about the eco-friendly nature of your packaging then get your hands on our custom papers and ace in selling your products. 

Retain Product Freshness And Maintain Hygiene

For the retention of your product’s freshness and hygiene, the role of packaging is paramount. With kraft paper sheets you can ensure that no contaminant or microbe comes in direct contact with your food. High-quality kraft material will help you retain the freshness and taste of your food. As the paper is made from kraft that is why it does not contain any toxic elements in it.

Add A Touch Of Versatility With Printing Services 

Today the demand for printed and branded packaging is at the top and the main factors that are contributing to this trend are the attraction of the customers and the professional presentation of your product. Using kraft paper printing methods we convert the plain paper sheets into your branding tool so that you can get the promotion of the brand or deli store easily. 

Remain Sustainable 

As mentioned earlier, we do not use any synthetic material in the manufacturing of your paper as it impacts the sustainability of the sheets. From greaseproof paper to cheese paper all are manufacture with sustainable materials. Apart from this, to design the paper certain food-grade inks are use so that when the steaming food is packe in the paper no noxious element reduces your food’s quality. 

Reduce The Cost 

We are among the most affordable custom printed kraft paper manufacturers in the USA. so if you are worried about the cost of your packaging, then do not worry as we are giving our customers wholesale rates on the order of a specified number. 

How Do We Put Value To Your Orders?

We try our best to put value in your custom food wraps whether they are cheese papers or freezer papers. All the manufacturing raw materials that we use are top-notch in quality and unique in appearance. From us, you can not only get your custom designs printed on kraft paper wholesale but also get different dimensions of paper.

We give the paper range from 6 X 10.75 to 15 X 10.75 if you have any specific requirements you can let us know. Apart from the manufacturing facilities, we are giving you the fastest delivery in the USA so you do not have to wait. Our customer care services are the best so you can remain up to date about the status of your order by contacting us. 

Get Our Excellent Service

With kraft paper manufactured by WaxPapers, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your brand. We will change the entire look of your products with our printed papers and give you the best identity in the market. So get our services and be customers’ priority.