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About us

CustomWaxPapers is among the leading industries that provide high-quality, food-grade, and custom papers to its clients in the USA. We specialize in the manufacturing of custom paper for all your food products so that you can cast a positive impression on your customers.

Our mission is to provide the customers with the best quality papers with a blend of creativity and professionalism. Our customization facilities allow you to get papers that can perfectly align with the standard and theme of your brand.

We make non-toxic and food-grade wax paper that not only gives protection from dust and debris but also from the microbial content in the environment. With our parchment paper, you can keep the baking process smooth and clean, as we use nonstick and heat-resistant material to manufacture parchment paper.

Furthermore, we specialize in almost every variety of food wrapping including deli paper, butcher paper, and tissue paper. Apart from the use of quality material, our company uses the best food-grade colors to print your desired papers. This allows our customers to get papers in their desired colors and designs.

We at CustomWaxPaper believe both in the quality and catchiness of the product which is why we use high-end raw materials and ultra-modern techniques to make your preferred paper. Our company is the trusted partner of many food sellers in the USA and our core values such as determination, customer-centric approach, lower rates, and high quality make us among the most popular food wrap manufacturers in the USA.